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In the last six to eight years, airline ticket prices have skyrocketed, and yet, we still have to pay for overweight fees, checked bags, extra bag fees, meals, and use of the restroom by some airlines. These crazy airline fees are not going to stop soon, but the only option is to look out for the cheapest deals to be scooped up. The big question is “how do I grab these cheap deals? It’s tied with timing and knowing what day(s), one can be offered cheap tickets when clicked the "purchase" button. According to travel experts, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to book your tickets. On the contrary, avoid booking air tickets on weekends, that’s when travelers do attend events such as festivals or sporting events, thereby pushing the airline tickets up based on demand and supply.
Air tickets discount sales often happen in the early part of the week, and they increase toward the end of the week. So do your bookings Tuesday through Wednesday for the most part, although, the ticket discounts vary with different airline. The prime time for shopping for a low airline ticket is Tuesday from midnight to one in the following morning, and it’s advisable to use the time zone of the airline's hub, not your time zone.
There is one trick that can help one to purchase airline tickets for the best deals; the days you travel. If your plan trips are flexible, fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. These are the low traffic days, so at that point, the airlines are just struggling to fill seats. If you are taking a long weekend recess, fly Tuesday night and come back Saturday night instead of Thursday to Sunday. Also, it’s advisable to check all the airlines you can - a lot of websites such as kayak.com or skyscanner.net show all the airlines prices at the same time. Most times, it's cheaper to book one-way tickets on two competing airlines than a round-trip ticket with one airline.
Consider not only the days but the timing also. Most airlines stop offering discounts two weeks before the departure date and the prices go way up for 'last minute fees. Consider booking your flights a month or two in advance to grab the best deals. Tuesday can be the best day of the week, but you can save more Dollars when you purchase at least one month before the departure date. Booking in advance indeed gives you better deals to grab the low-cost airline tickets. According to Wall Street Journal, the cheapest month of the year to fly is “January.” It makes sense, based on the fact that, most people are returning from their vacation, having used up their vacation days over the holidays and it’s time to resume work.